IMPLEMENT Cybersecurity on the connected shopfloor


IMPLEMENT Cybersecurity on the connected shopfloor

Cybersecurity in Manufacturing - English session - Webinar

Training session offered FREE OF CHARGE to companies and the self-employed thanks to
FPS Economy - EU (NextGeneration EU) funding

Are you a process operator and/or maintenance technician? Or simply concerned about cybersecurity on the shop floor ?

Take part in our training session and ensure that your machines and production equipment are cyber-resilient.

This CyberActive training session consists in two different modules :

  • How to securely purchase and setup connected machine ? 
    You will learn how to tackle security and make right choices when acquiring and configuring new connected equipment on the shop floor. What protocol and mode of connection to choose ? How to ask the right security questions to the vendors ? How to be aligned with ICT regarding the safest setup options ? How to continuously support and maintain the cybersecurity on the shopfloor? We shall answer all these questions and provide you with practical steps for the safeguarding your newly acquired connected machines. 

  • Secure remote maintenance for operators and technicians :
    In the second module , you will learn about the most common scenarios and tools for remote maintenance from the security point of view. You will discover their advantages and strong points as well as security issues related to these common setups such as VPN, TeamViewer. You will receive the practical guidance on the best practices in remote access and maintenance. 

Agenda :


How to securely purchase and setup connected machine ? 
Secure remote maintenance for operators and technicians 

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Date et heure
mardi 28 mai 2024
10:00 12:15 (Europe/Brussels)

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